KanColle OpenDB

Before main text, i'm not good at english, sorry.


Sorry! KanColle OpenDB server has problem-not critical.

Server has downed very many time with unknown reason, so i tried to figure out the cause, for stable running.

I've checked some suspicion parts, and finally found the problem.


KanColle OpenDB has become too big.

DB has almost 34,903,000 lines, and it will be calculated lively EVERY TIME.

It works as slow query-deadly slowly, and it almost always occurs "Gateway Timeout".

But DB server still calculating that query, so server's Load average(CPU usage) ups and ups.

And when over the server provider's CPU limit, server will down.


I will re-work Database and KanColle OpenDB website for optimization.

Reports still be written in DB server.

Viewers just cannot request the statistics.

And also, KanColle-OpenDB-Backup Repository will be update normally.


Please wait for re-work.

And Thank you for your attention.

    - Wolfgang Kurz, KanColle OpenDB developer.